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The following are memorable quotes
from letters we have received
from parents and students over the past 30 years.

I attended from age 9 thru my teens. The advice and lessons I received from you and your staff was exceptional, and your talent showcase enabled me to get representation with a fine talent agency in S.F. I graduated from Georgetown University in 2013.
Thank you, Alison Doyle, Marin County

Hi Judy, 
My daughter, Lila (5), is really enjoying your program
and we are sad to see this 8-week program end. We look forward to continuing in the next course you suggest. She needs that on-camera coaching and more confidence. Thank you for a great program!  I can see her confidence building with each class and she speaks very highly of your staff, Jenny and Texas.  This is a great compliment to what she's already doing at auditions. She has been cast as a voiceover for a national TV spot for Target, and as the voice of a Cabbage Patch Doll.  I'm very proud of her.
Jennifer Knight, Napa 2014

Your program is a great blend of integrity, genuine concern and affection for the children, professionalism, and FUN.
Mrs. Patti Slepika, Los Angeles, CA, 1997

"We are what we do for others”. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful work guiding our children, including my daughter, Rachel Zisk, age 8.
Shoshannah Zisk, San Francisco, 2013

Building confidence is a big part of Kids on Camera. My child, Catrin, age 5, loves the classes and we are so proud of her improved communication skills since she started with you. After she completed TV Acting 1, her pre-school teachers noticed improvements in her confidence and they asked me what she was doing to contribute to this change. I told them that Kids on Camera was the only new experience that must have contributed to this change. Thank you!
Mrs. Logutova, San Francisco, 2009

In 2003, my son, Kevin Railsback, heard about Kids on Camera. He researched the school and presented me with his interest in taking classes. "Interest" understates how I recall him feeling -- he was compelled to make the journey into San Francisco from the East Bay to attend.  Kevin had been taking drama in school but your school was his first step toward following his heart and making a commitment to acting.  He loved working in the 8 week series with your staff and also with David Rosenthal. He still remembers his enthusiasm and commitment to your program.  Kevin and I have recalled with fondness how we would make the trip to your classes. He was inspired being a part of your school.
During high school, Kevin was cast in voiceovers thru a local talent agent you helped us get.  He went on to UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television -- graduating in 2009.  He has an agent and In the past year he has had many auditions.  This past fall he was a guest star on the TV show –“ iCarly”.  Who knows where this path will take him but he's committed to it for now. 
I want to thank you for your part in his journey.  I am sure that you and your school have inspired many young people to follow their dreams, whatever they may be, and most importantly, to pursue them with confidence.  
With appreciation, Ms. Jennifer Railsback, East Bay, 2011

I wanted to let you know that my daughter, Gillian Cooper, (18) was accepted into the drama program at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU for the class of 2015. Don't know the final numbers but 4000 auditioned and only 250 were accepted. She was assigned to the Atlantic Studio which has a film/TV emphasis. She participated in your teen TV acting 1 and 2 series and your Talent Showcase. She's back east now trying to decide whether to accept Tisch or continue in an academic vein at Oberlin College for neuroscience and possibly pre-med.  But whatever she chooses the Tisch acceptance is quite a feather in the caps of Gilli and all who have trained her.  P.S. Gilli texted me that Dakota Fanning was accepted there too.
Mrs. Tracy Kirkham, San Francisco

Dear Judy, My daughter, Joelle Jacoby, age 17, was a co-star in the dramatic episodic, TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY. It's a sci-fi series on STARZ & BBC. This was Joelle's first audition at Warner Bros. studios. Joelle was very prepared thanks to her training with Kids on Camera.  She was a student with your staff member, David Rosenthal. Joelle was also called back for auditions for the feature film, TRUE GRIT. She was the only child in the Pacific Northwest called back by the Coen brothers. That audition was held in the Bay Area. 
Regards, Martha Jacoby

My daughter, Rebecca now understands that not getting the role is not a personal rejection. She learned this through your program. That understanding also helped her at school while playing with friends when she was very young. Rebecca participated in your first Talent Showcase when she was age 5. Your Showcase introduced her to local film directors and talent agents. She went on to get cast in roles on TV and stage and she was voiceover for California Milk. As a teen she was host on KRON TV’s First Cut and Hypertech. Her more recent roles were as a lead actress at Aurora Theatre in Berkeley and Encore Theatre in San Francisco. Thank you for the opportunites you provided for my daughter.
Mrs Jennifer White, Berkeley, CA 1993

Rebecca White: then

and now

I am so glad I came to you to cast young children ages 5-7 for my projects. Your students are talented and absolutely invaluable. Your student, Olivia (Age 5) entered the recording studio sparkling! When she laughed her eyes twinkled… Besides all of the super musical renditions she did, her voice blends perfectly with your other student, Charlie (Age 5). In a nutshell, Olivia and Charlie have captured the essence of the song I wrote and I do believe I may have a hit on my hands thanks to you.
John Bachman, Composer, Pacifica

Kids on Camera taught me how to have successful auditions and the process of self-discovery was also valuable.
Brian Norris, (15) Lafayette 1999

I know that you are for “real” and have your heart in the right place.
Deborah Kane, Mill Valley, 1998

Your staff cares so much about their students. You’re an invaluable source of reference and comfort throughout this audition process. You’re always patient and understanding in advising the parents too when we seek your help.
Doris Cantagallo, San Rafael, CA 1998

Chuck Solak

Thank you and congratulations on helping children be all they can be. My daughter, Claire, attended your program starting at age 10 and was cast as a voice for SONY and many more products. She graduated from the Peabody Conservatory of Music, Johns Hopkins Univ. with a BA in Music; Classical Vocal Major. It seems like yesterday when she was in your Talent Showcase. As a child performer, my role as a parent was essential and we had so many enjoyable years going to auditions together. Building your child's independence and seeing them succeed is the greatest gift.
Mrs. Jill Plumb, Woodland, CA 2001

Claire Plumb

I can't express my gratitude for all that you've done for me. It’s been a long time since my first class at the age of four and I am influenced every day by the wonderful classes I took from you. Your classes were not only fun, but they prepared me for a career which is now paying for half of my college tuition. More importantly, though, the amazing people I met and lessons I learned inspired in me a love of all things dramatic which will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will always owe a great debt to you and professional staff, who played no small part in turning me from a shy introverted kid into a confident adult.
Jon Feyer, (19), San Francisco, 2006 Princeton Univ. Graduate)

John Feyer: then

and now

I was one of your first students. I'm now a news anchor in New York and also worked in Sacramento. I have always credited your program with making me a comfortable communicator. Your classes also make it fun to perform and enjoyable to be in front of people. I've never been nervous on TV before, because I learned to not fear it, but embrace it. I really believe what I learned from you helped me succeed. You also teach something unique …. an eagerness to please the audience, that's something that's helped me greatly. Thank you for all you do and I am glad to see you're still at it!
Chris Burrous News Anchor/ WPIX-11 New York 2010

Chris Burrous

Happy Anniversary. I have shared my children’s experiences, the value and the reasonable cost of your program with many other parents who were looking for a legitimate, dedicated and positive learning environment for their kids. I am so very happy that we found you and I will always be grateful for the nurturing way that you helped to groom my daughter for stage and screen. She went on to be cast in the film, RENT.
Carolyn Silas-Sams, Oakland 2006

Bianca Sams

Director/founder, Judy Berlin runs a quality program. Programs involving acting can be dodgy and every child is a "future star" and no assessment is honest. However, Judy knows what she’s doing, and knows talent when she sees it, and is honest in her assessments. Most importantly Judy is really about TEACHING. Kids who don't have any interest in using these skills commercially learn a lot -- enjoy themselves -- and get positive and valuable feedback. Judy is definitely NOT about "selling" and enriching herself.
Mrs. Marsha Cohen, Professor of Law, Hastings College, 2005

Thanks for your role in Simon’s life. My son Simon, (12) completed TV 1 and TV 2 series and participated in your talent showcase last year. Following the showcase he received representation with a local talent agent and started to attend auditions. Simon just finished a shoot this fall as a principal actor for an Advanced Micro Devices industrial commercial. During the shoot the director wanted to seriously talk to me about how he thought Simon was the most amazing child he had ever worked with. He said that he had an amazing ability to drop right into character, be very focused, at ease, and natural in his role. He said that he rarely found that ability in children. I was certainly taken aback (of course I'm his mom, so I'm already biased). He also was cast in a SONY PLAYSTATION commercial.
Lori Pepe-Lunche, Oakland, CA 2010

Simon Lunche

I was very impressed with Judy Berlin’s passion for her students. I agreed with her method and philosophy of teaching! It's a true win-win for everybody! We don't see enough that in the world! All the "greats" that I have ever met or worked with have been people who radiate great kindness to others! Judy is a true pro who loves her work! My 7 yr old daughter wanted to attend and I was not pushing her to be there. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”
Andy Arness, Sunnyvale, CA 2009

My son, Stiles, (6), enjoyed TV 1 and can’t wait till TV 2. He has shown tremendous improvement in communication skills as well as self-confidence. He really admires his instructors and continually asks, “When will I see them again?” Stiles has more confidence at school, play, and at auditions. He booked the Macys Passport 2000 Fashion Show.
Charlene White, Antioch, 2000

Since attending Kids on Camera, Leonard's interest in reading greatly improved and Aria’s confidence is soaring.
Mrs. Chelsea Charles, Oakland, 1999